Category: Food

Pickled Onions… Again

It seems so easy to pickle onions… some apple cider vinegar, sugar and salt, and viola… a tasty treat!

Beer Coasters

At the Bier Garden in Montreal. A ton of beer and a ton of coasters.

Tie Dye Bagel

Wife went to a new bagel shop in town.  She got a few green ones (Happy St. Patrics Day) and these cool looking bagels.

Oyster Bay

And not from Long Island!  A really great glass of wine, and with the Costco discount, well… I could not pass it up!

New Coffee

Was pooped after traveling to Florida, Montreal and Iowa – all within a few days of each other. An associated recommended a new kind of coffee… Delicious!

Bier Markt

TheBier Markt in Montreal. An awesome collection of local and imported beers.