Thunder Game with Sam
2023-01-15 /  Sports / sam, basketball, brooklyn
First time going the an NBA basketball game since college… at least. Went with Sam, his friend Bryce and Bryce’s dad Kevin to a New Jersey… err…I mean Brooklyn Nets game. It was so different than being at an NBA game versus an NFL game because your so much closer. Had a great time.
New York to Atlanta 2022
2023-01-03 /  Travel / New York, Atlanta, Philip Morris, Virginia
The Philip Morris Headquarters spire, a visual staple as you’d arrive on site heading to the Manufacturing Center, or the Technology Center on the banks of the James River… or passed by on your way to points further south, such as the Pre-packing factory in McKenny Virginia. The roadsign exit to McKinney Virginia, spent more than a few weeks there, and almost getting run over by a forklift… twice. Sorry for the pixelated image, but when your driving past on...
Christmas 2022
2022-12-23 /  Family / mom, nicky, family
Who is this kid?
2022-10-22 /  Family / me, baby
Night Of The Living Dead
2022-10-22 /  Sam / family, Sam, school, theatre
Sam’s junior year theatrical performance of Night Of The Living Dead. Three shows in 2 days. Waliing into the school auditorium was really creeepy - dark music, fog, snow & creepy music.